Practical tips to keep your home running smoothly during self-isolation – Winston-Salem Journal

The coronavirus has sent many Americans home to ride this pandemic out. All the increased food preparation, laundry and cleaning puts family members — as well as houses and apartments — under increased stress.

There are things you can do in this time of heightened awareness to help keep germs under control and make the most efficient use of home appliances. We have been speaking to experts to address some of these issues. Here are some highlights.

  • Don’t stand with the fridge door open as you contemplate your next WFH snack.

With all the traffic opening and closing refrigerator doors, warm air could lower the temperature, which is not good for the food. It also wastes energy. During a recent live Q&A with Carolyn Forte, Good Housekeeping Institute’s director of home appliances and cleaning products, a reader asked whether the 41