Commentary: The search for silver linings during COVID-19 pandemic – Charleston Post Courier

Silver linings are sometimes impossible to find, especially when the subject is the isolation, trauma and morbidity caused by the coronavirus. And yet with all that darkness, there are some random moments that even if they don’t meet silver-lining standards, do give us another angle. Consider for example these snapshots:

— My 74-year-old sister has had to learn Zoom to participate in her synagogue board meetings and feels grateful for the experience technology has enabled.

— A grandparent friend of mine has been helping home-school her grandchildren to spell the fatigue of her daughter, and she writes, “They are eager and cute, but it is so difficult. I have new appreciation for teachers.”

— My children have taken over managing my husband and me with limits that include they do the grocery shopping. We initially pushed back, then accepted their edict and now realize that a certain maturation process has occurred that we