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Experts don’t know if coronavirus is transmitted through clothing, but it’s good to keep these laundry tips in mind. USA TODAY

Question: Are there any specific recommendations regarding laundry during the pandemic? What does and does not kill the virus -products, water temp, etc.

Answer: Here’s some good news – you don’t need fancy products to kill the virus on your typical load of laundry, according to the Centers for Disease Control. 

The CDC released guidelines for handling laundry to help prevent the spread of the virus and they’re not too complicated.

If you’re dealing with laundry from someone who is known to have the virus, the CDC recommends wearing gloves and immediately placing the items in the wash once they’re discarded. 

It also recommends cleaning your hands immediately after removing the gloves. 

As for how to wash them, the CDC recommends reading and following directions on the labels of laundry items and detergent. 

“In general, using a normal laundry detergent according to washing machine instructions and dry thoroughly using the warmest temperatures recommended on the clothing label,” the CDC said. 

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