Testing: This is the best washing machine for large families – The Global Domains News

What are the best washing machines for households of more than five persons. And what has to be the best value for money? NU.nl the association will give the answer.

does your household have five or more persons. It is good that you have a washing machine for at least 8 kilos of laundry verstouwen. More, of course.

finally, The Dutch consumers ‘ association Consumentenbond, test, washing machines, with a capacity of 8 to 17-pounds and more to bed, rinse, spin -, energy – and water consumption and programme time. The other things that we’ve tested, easy to use and very comfortable. There are a total of 203 of the washing machines tested well in the market.

A washing machine from Samsung comes out on top in the Test. Best Buy is a washing machine (Siemens).
the Best of the Test: the Samsung WW10N642RBA/Price: 729 euro test grade: 7,5 to Find the lowest price for the Look at all of the tested washing machines for households of more than five people, you should Choose the right washing machine for you

all the riders from the wasmachinetest this Samsung has a very competitive