9 Signs Your Washing Machine Is About to Die – Reader’s Digest

Is your washing machine acting up? Find out if it’s worth repairing or if it’s time to start shopping for a new one.

It can be incredibly frustrating when your washing machine breaks. After all, most of us only have a finite amount of clean clothing. And who wants to deal with this problem, anyway? Thankfully, not all washing-machine problems are indications that your appliance is reaching the end of its life. In fact, many issues just require a quick repair. And here’s another bit of good news: You can prevent your washing machine from an outright breakdown if you know the signs that it’s about to malfunction—and you don’t regularly engage in a few common behaviors that can shorten its life. So, if your washing machine is exhibiting a few of the following problematic symptoms, it’s time to call a technician. If it’s exhibiting many of them, you should probably start shopping.

It makes loud and excessive noises

Does the drum of your washing machine sound like someone is literally beating it? If you’re hearing loud noises on a regular basis, it’s a bad sign, according to Ron Shimek, president of Mr. Appliance, a Source…